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I count myself among those lucky few who loves what they do, an energising experience that is enriched by those I meet along the way. While a lot of my work involves brief encounters, there are a few who I am privileged enough to collaborate with regularly.

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Honesty Cookery School

While I have worked at my fair share of training venues over the years, few are as beautiful as the Honesty Cookery School. More importantly is their ethos, bringing accessibility and transparency to cooking for the beginner and enthusiast.


With a wealth of tutors honed in the art of their respective international cuisines, the cookery school is also committed to championing seasonal and local produce from a little nearer to home. I am honoured to be asked to develop and deliver classes that do just that in a wide variety of styles and techniques.

A day at this intimate venue never disappoints!

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Secret Adventures

Dining has evolved in many ways since I began my journey in the late 1990’s. Perhaps the most dynamic shift has been that of the outdoors ‘restaurant’, creating an experience that connects people to place. 


Eating out has steadily become more and more about the experience rather than simply the food. It could be fair to say that Heston kicked this off with his trickery, shunning convention & taking a bold step away from the accepted etiquette that emerged out of the traditional. 


Enhancing the experience that surrounds food has continued to gather momentum at a steady pace, pushing the boundaries of creativity and expectation.


It is wonderful to be present to such a shift and I am privileged to be a part of it at Secret Adventures Woodland Feasts.

Secret Adv
Fat Squirrel

Fat Squirrel Outdoor Co.

The Fat Squirrel Outdoor company is a group of enthusiastic and exuberant people, from all walks of life, who have come together with the common goal of enriching peoples lives by embracing the outdoors! 

With a wealth of experience and knowledge for all things outdoors, the 'Squirrels' wanted to branch out into food. With campfires being at the heart of everything the Fat Squirrel has to offer, cooking over fire and sharing that experience was a gap they were keen to fill. Not being 'foodies' themselves I was asked to lend a helping hand in creating food themed experiences accessible to all levels of competence to be shared in their delightful location. 

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